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At Vivek Kaul Publishing, our readers gain sharp, insightful opinions and analysis on India's economy.

It is our mission to cut through all the noise in the mainstream media every week – all the fake news – and bring to you, dear reader, opinions that will prepare you for disasters before they happen.

Vivek Kaul is a critically acclaimed author, writer, and an avant-garde economist. Vivek and his team have predicted and exposed some of India's most disruptive events.

Readers will discover what's really going on in India's economy – the ongoing demographic disaster, the mess in India's public sector, the end of real estate as an attractive investment, the threat of trade wars to India's economy, the mismanagement of the agricultural sector, and a lot more – in his inimitable style, backed with irrefutable facts.

A true patriot, Vivek is never one to shy away from bringing to light some of the most horrifying failures of the system.

Over fifteen years, he has built a reputation for straight-talk. He will call it as he sees it and will back up his opinions with hard facts.

Vivek Kaul is, undoubtedly, a rare and distinguished voice of reason in a world filled with half-truths and fake news.

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